For general enquiries you can use the chat facility (red "chat with us" button at bottom of screen) or email our team below.   

Our chat is available during open hours. 





Nessa is the head honcho here at Nessa's Slots and in charge of all general enquiries. She was last seen fixing the 2p machines so don't expect a fast reply to any emails!  For obvious reasons, working with Smithy and Dave can be complicated and stressful so its not uncommon to see Nessa sat around the back of the arcade on her break with a pint of wine!



With his legendary Indian takeway ordering skills, we have put Smithy in charge of orders and product procurement.  Although we do also put his decorating skills to use around the arcade when we need odd jobs done!




Dave is in charge of logistics.  To be honest this was a massive gamble seeing as the slogan on the side of Dave's Coaches is "we will get you there if we possibly can!".   Unfortunately Dave hasn't been seen for a while, our guess is he is back down the clinic.


Nessa's Slots, Western Shelter, Paget Rd, Barry Island, CF62 5TQ